As the queens prep for the runway, we get some backstory about Kelly’s “bulldog” jaw, the challenges of ordering at the drivethru when you have an accent and Chad and Shannel’s five-year estrangement.

But, soon we’re off to the races, ladies! Joining Ru, Michelle Visage and Santino Rice on the main stage are Mary Wilson of the Supremes and Rosie Perez, who love the girl group performances.

Savage Sisters, Shad plus Jillian, get read a bit for Shannel’s outfit and for their decision to put Jillian in the middle. The choreography gets props, as does Jillian’s ass.

Fanny Shosa, Yarlexis plus Kelly, have a look that translates well to a group, and their lip syncs even won over Santino. On the minus side was the choreography technique, which was also a big drawback for V3, Rujubee plus Kady. Rosie loved Jujubee’s lip sync, but Ru called them out for stealing moves from the video they shot for season 2 of “Drag Race.” Santino hates the pantyhose Raven has on, and for once, I agree with a super-picky critique from Mr. Rice.

In any case, clay pantyhose or no, Rujubee get sent to lip sync for their lives against Yarlexis while Shad get safety for the week. Going mano a mano are Raven and Alexis, all set to “Don’t Cha” by the Pussycat Dolls. Yara pushes the red button to enter the lip sync, causing Raven to start stripping, but it’s all for naught.

Yarlexis, the best-gas-mileage-having duo this side of the Toyota Prius, get sent home. Kelly Osbourne cries, but I don’t.

See you next week, squirrelfriends, when the final four face off.


Here are some of the best quotes from the episode:

“Shannel, what is going on with your face? You are painted for the blind,” Jujubee.

“What a couple of cheery hos!” Ru.

“I’m pissed off I’m not a boy!” Kelly.

“Me too!” Ru.

“One word: A legend,” Chad Michaels.

“The sad part about this is I speak Spanish and Yara speaks Spanish but sometimes I don’t understand her in either one of the languages,” Alexis.

“We look like Jem and the Holograms. I love it,” Kelly.


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