13: Sylvester and Twan catch up while driving to a restaurant so Sylvester can collect money from someone ... who turns out to be Cathy.

14: Twan sits in Sylvester's car waiting for him to come out of the restaurant. He gets a call from a friend who tells him Tina, the woman who set him up to go to jail, works at the same restaurant. He goes inside to find Tina and her friend, Roxanne, about to attack Sylvester.

15: Twan is angry. But honestly, skip this episode. Uh, we mean episode ... episode ... episode.

16: Tina's pregnant with Twan's baby. Twan accuses her of lying, which makes her eye twitch. (It's an old hooker injury apparently.) After much deliberation, Twan decides to get legit and raise his kid. Then Roxanne and Tina reveal they're lovers ... lovers ... lovers.

17: Skip it ... skip it ... skip it.

18: Twan's still angry about Roxanne and Tina, but back in the car Sylvester tries to calm him down. For some reason, we shift to Rufus's church, where he gets a call from Chuck. When Cathy comes in, Rufus tries to break things off with Chuck, who reveals he's in the hospital ... hospital ... hospital.

19: Meet Pimp Lucius, who has a severe stutter. He's in Rufus's church, where Rev. Mosley James Evans attempts to get him to give up pimping. The choir sings, "You can do it, Pimp Lucius."

20: Randolph tells his wife, Rosie the Nosy Neighbor, that he was hiding in the closet of Rufus's office and heard the Rufus/Chuck/Cathy exchange during Chapter 18. He says Rufus has "the package," which she repeats to anyone who will listen.

21: Twan wait outside while Sylvester and Joey the mobster talk business. Twan falls asleep and dreams that he and Sylvester are in the same situation, but someone is pointing guns at them. There are no guns.

22: All of the characters--many, many, many more than we've mentioned in this recap--talk about the mysterious "package." What could it be?

Which leads to Chapter 23 (below) ... and beyond. Find more "direct from set" videos at IFC's YouTube channel.

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