Can you relate to it at all?
I mean, I’m older. I’m old, but yeah. There’s a lot. The jokes are really funny, the show has made me laugh.

It makes sex seem so terrible.
Yeah, but that’s a weird age for sex. In college, you’re just drunk and fucking and you don’t know what your body is like and you’re just hoping you’re not grotesque and someone is going to want to have sex with you twice. And then when you’re 23, you know some shit and you’re talking about it, but you still don’t really know anything but that’s the age where you’re exploring and figuring it out. It’s pretty awkward, kind of more awkward than virginity. That guy that [Hannah] has sex with, I’ve had sex with a guy like that at that age…the dirtiest, weirdest shit and I was like, well, I guess that’s what guys are like. And it’s like, no, it’s not. It’s just this fucking weirdo. I do relate to it. It’s very New York-centric.

Is your own material similar at all?
Again, I’m older. The show kind of highlights the pain and insecurity of that age. My material is very much where I am now as a 30-year-old woman who has seen a lot of shit and done a lot of fucking. It’s me coming out of my 20s, with all the experience I’ve gained. I’m very unapologetic about it. I like sex. So my perspective, I’m talking about me now.

So you could be an older role model for Hannah?
I guess, but I’m not sure my life would be the pot at the end of the rainbow. You kind have to live your own shit and make mistakes, I think. I talk very openly and frankly about things that have happened to me, with the thought that someone will be like, wow, that happened to me, too, or when it does happen that they don’t feel as bad about it. I also just think it’s good for girls and guys to hear a chick up there talk about sex unapologetically.

I was watching some of your clips on YouTube and was reading some of the comments and people were making comments on your appearance as much as your material. One said: “Love her delivery and her figure!”  Or: “The babyface contradicts her sick humor so beautifully...” Does that annoy you?
No matter what, you get commented on your physical appearance if you’re a chick. Right out of the gate. I wish it wasn’t that way, but I expect it. I’m not going to be for everyone.  I get “that girl, I don’t like her” but someone else will say “She’s the funniest woman I’ve ever seen” or someone is like “She’s fat or ugly” or “She’s the greatest woman ever.” It’s like, they’re both right. I just don’t give a shit anymore.

Did that take a while to get used to? Did you have to grow a thicker skin?
Yeah, totally. I was shocked at first and it took me a while to get used to. I made a video early on in my career that got like 100,000 views, and people would say things like, “She’s adorable’ or “I hope she dies.” And the physical stuff, it’s not easy to hear. But everything else that has happened, after getting death threats and the I feel like the Iron Lady. On stage now I feel so strong and hecklers don’t bother me because I’m not worried about anything they can say. If they say “You’re fat.” Well, I’m not fat. I know exactly who I am. I’m not the smartest, funniest, best-looking chick ever but I’m OK. I’m above average, and that’s good enough for me.

Tell me about some of these movies you’re in.
I audition for a lot of stuff. I go out to L.A. as frequently as possible. The people that represent me run around and get me stuff. Some of them are ridiculous. One was a Hispanic stripper. Seriously. So when you get something big, everybody calls you. So everyone called and told me I got this part. I was like, was it Shoshanna or whatever the name of the stripper was? No, they said it was for the Steve Carell movie and I was like “Ah!”

When we were filming that movie, it was really awesome, but it was a lot of waiting around, like you hear. The kind of waiting around in a small, small trailer…I know, poor me. Once we started filming, it was a dream come fucking true. But it’s weird, because you’re like, I want this, it’s my dream, but then once you get it, you’re like…I better get another dream. So I’m trying lots of different things right now.

Ryan Smith is a RedEye special contributor.

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