Apologies on our absence last week, ladies and gents. One of us was too busy recovering from throwing an epic rager/almost punching a guy in the wang at North Avenue Beach and the other didn't leave the house for three days due to a"Breaking Bad"marathon. We'll let you guess which was which.

Anyway, this episode finds Hannah in the throes of lurve, Marnie in the throes of breakup tears and Shoshanna hopefully banging that dude from the last episode, because we can't find her anywhere. Play along as we recap and score the relatability of this week's WTF moments.

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home movies

Watching home movies with the new boyfriend
The episode opens to Hannah’s boyfriend, condoms and peanut butter jars strewn about, where Adam and Hannah are watching old home movies of Adam as a kid via a projector.
4--This may be the commitment phobia talking, but isn’t it kind of early for this? I thought guys didn’t usually frown upon talking about their childhoods. -JG
8--It's never too early to never leave your bedroom, especially if you've known the guy for a while. I'm just impressed they took the time to set up the projector. -DM


fb stalkingFacebook stalking the ex-boyfriend
Meanwhile, Marnie clicks through Charlie’s Facebook photos of him with his new girlfriend doing couple-ish things: riding bikes, hugging, et cetera.
10--There are few better ways to say “[Bleep] you, evil ex-girlfriend]” than to post super-happy photos on your Facebook, fully knowing she’s going to analyze the hell out of them and not wash her hair for days. -JG
9--Photos of him, photos of him and you, photos of him and his elementary-school dog... ANY photos of him are going to be bad enough. DO NOT LOOK AT THE NEW GF, especially when you're still in vomit-hair mode -DM


thin walls

Thin walls/passive-aggressive response
Sex noises and dirty talk. Marnie can hear them through her bedroom wall as Hannah and Adam have a particularly weird exchange about if Hannah would bang 4-year-old Adam.
10--When you finally move into an apartment by yourself mostly because you really want to not hear these noises from your roommate ever again (and not have these noises heard ever again) and then you live on your own and never really have sex, like, ever... -JG
10--Loud sex now, apologies later. Sorry, Marnie, but it sounds like Hannah's finally having non-"I almost came" fun times, and anyone who gets in the way of that leaves herself open to death threats. -DM


boyfriend personal training

Motivational boyfriend-trainer
Despite her incessant whining the entire time, Adam takes Hannah running outside, telling her she’s doing great and pushing her to keep going.
4--Bonus hilarity: “Get up! Charlie’s in the bushes!” Where can I get one of these?! Just kidding. The only time I want a dude I’m involved with to see me sweat and turn beat-red is, well, you know. -JG
7--Put this thing down, flip it and reverse it and you're more likely to have me. Maybe I need to work on my screaming... -DM



The roommate+boyfriend counseling the brokenhearted roommate
Hannah and Adam pause their kitchen sex when Sad Marnie walks in, still devastated about her breakup with Charlie. Adam offers some advice, revealing a bit about one of his tough breakups.
8--Sure, it’s kind of cute to see your guy give advice to your sad friend. But from the sad friend perspective, your friend’s boyfriend is sometimes the absolute last person you want advice from. Especially after you walk in on them about to bang. -JG
2--Ummm was I the only one who noticed Adam's junk was out here? Anyone? I don't think he'd be feeling very advice-y. -DM


legs of fire

Legs of fire
Expecting to hang out with Hannah, Jessa stops by the apartment and demands Marnie let her in because her “legs are on fire.” Further explanation: “My thighs are really rubbing together. Feels like an epic fuckfest with a ghost. I just wish I had a wheelchair for June and July.”
10--Thighs that rub together singlehandedly make summer, no-tights weather the absolute worst thing of all time. Every time I see a girl strolling around town with no tights on and zero semblance of pain in her face, I want to scream “Why me?!” -JG
9--Hallelujah, someone is finally addressing this! Well, other than Summer's Eve, which actually makes a product to combat this very phenomenon. Unless you're so skinny that your legs don't touch when you walk, this happens. -DM



Boyfriend sneaks into the shower
Mid-rinse, Hannah is startled in the shower by a hilariously lurking Adam.
3--The shower is where magical things like shampoo mohawks and shaving happen--it’ll ruin everything if your guy pops in unexpected and sees all of the behind-the-scenes work that goes into that hairless bod of yours. -JG
7--Him being there is good, him sneaking in with a Norman Bates look on his face is very, very bad. -DM


shower pee

Getting peed on in the shower without permission
Adam starts laughing. Unbeknownst to Hannah (for a few seconds), he is definitely peeing on her. “Oh my god, you’re peeing on me. Stop it! It’s not funny, so stop laughing it’s gross.”
1--At this point, nothing weird Adam does should surprise us. But he does have a good point when she jumps out of the shower: “Doesn’t make sense to get out now, there’s pee on you.” -JG
2--This is an ASK situation, Adam! -DM