New Year's Eve style

Don't overload on sparkle for New Year's Eve. (December 5, 2012)

From sequins to sparkles, ties to tuxedos, New Year's Eve usually unleashes the fancier and glitzier sides of personal styles. It doesn't matter if you're club-hopping until New Year's Day sunrise or laying low at a friend's house party--ringing in the new year means bringing in the big, fashionable guns. In order to establish what's in and what's out when kissing 2012 good- bye, we assembled a panel of local experts to fill you in on all things New Year's fashion.

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All four fashion authorities support the less-is-more mantra for New Year's wear. Too much skin, prints and embellishments can distract from what should be the main focus of the evening: you.

"Don't overembellish," Weiss said. "You don't need beads and sequins and feathers. Pick one." As for the glitz and gold, use the sparkles as a very subtle portion of the look. "Do [wear sequins] sparingly, otherwise you may be confused as a disco ball," Eisen said.

Men, Maier said, should opt for the darkest coat in their closet and steer clear of patterned shirts, sticking with the accessories as the statement-makers. "Socialize, don't spend time talking about your shirt," Maier said.

Leather and fabrics in deep burgundy, or "oxblood," made the transition from catwalk to sidewalk this season and are completely suitable to wear for New Year's, according to both Gambaccini and Weiss. Pants--real or faux leather--are a cool alternative to a fancy frock.

"I'm all about the more leather, the better," Gambaccini said. "A black fitted pant with a sequined top or metallic blazer looks great."

Leather has been making appearances as the primary material in tops and dresses, too, which can be tested in trendy silhouettes.

"The peplum [top] has been really hot," Weiss said. "With skinny jeans, it could be casual, or pair it with a skirt in your closet."