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Want to go on a cruise with Paramore?

Maybe you saw Paramore a few months ago at Chicago Theatre. Maybe you have tickets to see the band Nov. 24 at UIC Pavilion. "It's not enough time with Hayley and the guys!," you cry. Then you should keep reading.

Today the Tennessee rockers announced the "Parahoy! Festival at Sea," a four-day cruise that travels from Miami to the Caribbean. It departs March 7, 2014 with Tegan and Sara, more artists to come and, perhaps most importantly, a lot of die-hard fans who don't get seasick.

Many details are still to come in terms of tickets/prices/etc., but surely there are plenty of passionate Paramore fans out there who will drool at the chance to see them perform multiple times in a few days while also having the chance to interact with the artists themselves. I mean, you could just be hanging out at the pool and be like, "Whoa, Hayley's going down the waterslide!"

Personally, I do not know if Hayley Williams likes waterslides, but come on. I'm sure she does.

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