If you're a hard-core Rolling Stones fan, Thursday was a pretty good day for you.

The dinosaur rockers unleashed a new tune, "Doom and Gloom," that is featured on a forthcoming greatest hits disc (don't they have enough of those?), "GRRR!." The fact that these guys are still making music in their late-60s and early-70s is impressive enough. What is your grandpa doing? And, really, what do you expect from a bunch of old dudes? Not much, right?

Good for them, then, because the Stones actually have room to surprise people. That's what "Doom and Gloom" is--a surprise.

A surprise because after seven years without working together, guitarists Ron Wood and Keith Richards can still create that magical Stones guitar sound, and singer Mick Jagger still has his traditional nasally snarl. We don't know if he still has moves like Jagger because the accompanying video is just a bunch of lyrics.

Speaking of which, don't try to figure out what Jagger's talking about. There are references to zombies, the Louisiana swamp, plane crashes, eating dirt, getting drunk and dancing. It's all very confusing, especially when the hint of a political stance on the war in the Middle East is thrown in.

All in all, it's an enjoyable little piece of music--almost danceable. The Stones aren't breaking any new ground like they did in the old days, but do they have to? As long as they rock, people will be happy. And this rocks. Not hard, but hard enough.

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