Yeah, but it's a lot of haters too. It's like 98% of people following me, and then it's like 2%. It's a big 2%, though, of people who hate me. But it ain't nothing. That's how it is in Chicago, though. But like I said, keep working, though. I ain't saying “stop working, you ain't gonna make it” or “they ain't gonna make it” or none of that but I'm just saying keep working because that's what I did. I worked for a long time. I mean, I made this a goal. Instead of saying I want to grow up to be police or I want to grow up to be a firefighter, I want to grow up to be a doctor or a lawyer, I made rapping a go.

You think it makes sense that the whole industry's eyes are on Chicago?

I mean, now it is. I think because of me, though. Because I run that bang bang three hunna, you know. I think all the rappers looking at Chicago artists – such as me, [King] Louie, [Lil Reese] Reesy, Fredo [Santana] – the only artists [being paid attention]. Everybody's looking at us. Because I ain't seen nobody come up with nobody else from Chicago. It's other artists, like Spenzo. Spenzo, he cold. They should look at Spenzo. He's like a Lupe Fiasco. [To photographer] You heard of Spenzo?

[Photographer] Oh yeah, we just did a photo shoot.

He's like a Lupe Fiasco. I respect his grind, even though I wouldn't rap like that. I like how he come and he just be “phooo” [makes leaving gesture] – just gone. He be going crazy. Like Lupe – not even only Lupe but he just be going crazy like he got that, and he's from Chicago and I like that. I think he should get signed soon. I think he should come. They should let him right in. He could make commercial stuff, all that. I know he could. He's raw.

When you say “make commercial stuff,” do you think you wouldn't make commercial stuff?

Yeah, I could, I could. I'm saying but he got that – like Andre 3000, like that, he just be going. I wouldn't do that. I'm not the type of person. I'm too... Even though I do hop around and stuff. That's cause I like tweaking out.

Like Waka Flocka more?


You don't [bleep] with Waka?

Yeah, I [bleep] with Waka, but it ain't like, it ain't from him. It's like, we get wild, [bleep] it. And it ain't just Waka Flocka, it ain't 'cause of him. I know he shake his dreads and go crazy too, but we just go all out. Psssh. We be pushing, elbowing. Like at the Congress Theater, I almost fell. I almost fell over the speaker, I don't know if y'all seen it. I almost fell. It always happens like that way 'cause we be going too crazy. I love falling into my crowd, falling into my n*****. It's like, “catch me.” They ain't gonna let me fall. If I fall, they gonna get me right back up, right back up.

Well, and that's in the “I Don't Like” video.

Yeah. And I really did fall! It wasn't on purpose or nothing. It wasn't like we planned it or nothing. I really did fall in that video. And they picked me back up because I was tweaking. And somebody let me fall, though! One of the guys let me fall. But they caught me and pulled me back up in time. They moved, I guess. I don't know what happened, I know I just fell. It was gone.

That was the moment. That made it.

And I pushed my man by accident. I was just feeling it, you know? That's my right hand though, that's my boy. He's coming too. SD [is his name].


Kyle Kramer is a RedEye special contributor. 


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