That's my blood cousin. Don't he look like the Joker, though? Just think about the Joker and look at Fredo. The latest Batman movie with the Joker – when did that come out? 2010? Nine? – that Batman movie, he looks just like that Joker, I swear to God.

Looking ahead, how much longer are you gonna be on house arrest?

I don't know man. I've been on this too long. But they ain't trying to take me off so I'm just trying to go to school and get some good grades for them and do all that. That's my judge's main focus, is school, and I respect that, that it's his main focus. It's cool – and not catching another case. That's his main focus, really. Like all the little stuff ain't really that big, but he really likes school so I'm trying to go to school and get some good grades. My last report card I got some good grades. I got some Bs, some Cs. I ain't get no As yet. Just got to the school, anyway. Yeah, I got Bs and Cs on my report card. That's good enough.

So you're still taking classes from here, then?

Yeah, I'm still...even though I didn't want to, really. But it's just, I gotta get through this to do what I'm trying to do anyways.

What do you think about King Louie? He's a little bit older. Do you think he kind of helped pave the way at all for New Chicago?

Yeah. I listened to King Louie. When I first started rapping my guys listened to King Louie and they put me on to King Louie, actually. Chyeaaa! Skrr skrr! He'd be going crazy. He was way over me. I would always be saying like “I need to get like Louie.”

Who else were your influences as far as rappers?

Gucci [Mane]. Like I said, Young Jeezy, Yo Gotti, like I listen to them. Future, he's decent too. He says what's going on now. He just explains, he just – right now, what's going on, or what happened yesterday, he puts what happened yesterday in a song. He just talks about it. What happened last week, he just talks about it.

Have you talked to Future at all?

Nah. It's gonna happen though.

You two, right now, are the two people are paying attention to. That's pretty sweet.

Yeah, it is though. For real. If we did something it'd be'd be crazy. Everybody'd be like “man.” They'd be playing that for years.

Do you have any more comments on Chicago in general?

They know Chicago violent, anyways. Our city is violent. What should I say about Chicago? But everybody's trying to rap now. Everybody's trying to rap now, so they could probably stop the violence. But it's too much hatred in Chicago, to me. But it is my city. It is my city, where I was born, but you know, that's how it is.

You don't think that there's any way the music can be something that helps people get past the violence or get out of it?

Hell no.

Why is that? Too much hatred?

Too much killing. It's over with, man.

Do you think there's anything artists like you could do? Everybody's rocking with Chief Keef, right?