Yeah, they love videos. They just like looking at videos like 'look at this, look at that, look at his face' like 'what's that, what's he have?'

You're really big in the high schools here. Do you think part of that's because you have a network of friends in the high schools or is it just based on the music?

My friends aren't even in high school though. I've got some friends in high school but my guys aren't in high school. My guys are all older than me and out of high school.

So you think people are just rocking with the music in high school because they like the music?

Yeah, they like how I just – they can go through a test or something with one of my songs. It's like a pump up. It's like candy, eating candy, a lot of candy, or something.

Are you at all worried about jumping into this industry at age 16?

Nah. I'm ready to rock.

You kind of brought the spotlight to Chicago. Do you think there's something special about Chicago right now?

Yeah. This is New Chicago, new era. We got our own little flow. East Side. Like the West Side got their look, Houston, Texas got their look, now we got our look on, that we created, the new generation, the new era. We created the New Chicago thing now that'll probably have everybody from Chicago rapping like this in the future. Rapping like – we set that trend and everybody rap like that now. Rap how they rap now. Everybody in Chicago starting to rap like, you know what I'm saying. Starting to use [Chicago producer Young] Chop beats too. So you starting to hear a lot of 'Young Chop on the beat.' Everybody in Chicago starting to have a Young Chop beat now.

What do you think about DGainz, as far as helping people blow up with the videos?

DGainz been my dude since I first started seeing his videos. But yeah, he knows. He mastered the videos, you know? Just imagine with everything, all the stuff, all the video equipment and all that. It's going to be over with. His videos just be a done deal. He just uses a simple camera. Imagine him with all the stuff. But he's coming too. DGainz, he's coming, going to be a director.

As far as the collaborations you've got coming up –

Yo Gotti, Young Jeezy, Waka Flocka, my guys, Soulja Boy. I'll probably do something with Wiz. Rich Kidz. Something with DJ Drama – he ain't an artist but he's a DJ.

What do you think it's gonna be like when the Kanye remix drops? Are you excited? Have you heard what he's going to do with it yet?

No, and that's crazy that I couldn't hear my own song yet. I don't like that.

There was this big controversy when you had that show at the Congress Theater, and people were blaming the police coming on you. People are saying your music is really violent, encourages violence. What do you say to people with those kinds of criticisms?

I don't say nothing. I say let them talk. I can't say nothing about none of that. Let them say what they're going to say. Just let the people – I mean, I could make other songs but it's how we is, and people like that anyways. They like three hunna. I'm three hundred percent. People like being three hundred percent. Y'all [gestures to RedEye staff] even like it. I mean, three hunna, who wouldn't want to be three hunna?

So when you're saying three hunna, that's like three hundred percent?


What about Fredo in the cut? Is he a scary sight?