"Somebody Loves You" by Betty Who

When Spencer Stout uploaded his marriage proposal to his boyfriend Dustin Reeser in September 2013, no one expected the video to go viral — least of all singer/songwriter Betty Who, whose single “Somebody Loves You” served as the soundtrack to the musical engagement.
“I saw it on a Thursday when it had maybe 300 [to] 400 views,” said Who, born Jessica Newham 22 years ago. “And then I saw it again Friday morning and it had a million views.”
The fast-rising Australian singer self-released her debut EP “The Movement” last April and expects her full-length out on RCA by the end of 2014. In a late December phone interview, she opened up about viral video fame, her skills as a dancer and feeling personal connections to other artists’ songs.
What was your reaction to seeing the viral video featuring “Somebody Loves You” for the first time?
It’s a crazy thing. I cried [the first time I saw it] because I was so overwhelmed. It builds up so steadily throughout the song. You know it’s going to be a marriage proposal, but you don’t know how heartfelt and amazing it’s going to be until Spencer walks out and then it’s like, “Oh my god…”
Do you think Spencer and Dustin are going to ask you to officiate their wedding ceremony?
I actually just got my invitation to the wedding. I’m dying to [attend], so I’m going to try and make it work. I’m on tour, but I think I’m going to try and make a stop in Salt Lake City to go to their wedding.
Do you have a favorite viral video other than the one your song was featured in?
I think Jimmy Kimmel is a genius, and when he did that twerking video where the girl catches on fire I was dying. Before anybody knew Jimmy Kimmel was behind the video and completely won the Internet I remember watching it and thinking, “God, people are soooo stupid.”
Considering the EP is titled “The Movement,” I wanted you to rate your skills as a dancer.