The funniest reactions to Miguel's performance at the Billboard Music Awards

By Ernest Wilkins, @ernestwilkins


9:03 AM CDT, May 20, 2013


Did you catch the Billboard Music Awards last night? If not, you missed the usual. Pop artists dressing weird, someone being faux-controversial, and Chris Brown getting yet another chance to remind you that there are still people who actually like and support him.
Then, during R&B lothario Miguel's performance, everything changed. Let's go to the tape:
Pulpit rock
Miguel, channeling James Brown (or your one friend who totally swears that they can still dunk even though they haven't played basketball since sophomore year,) absolutely botches his attempted leap across the audience and hits a poor young lady with a legdrop so vicious I screamed the first time I saw it.
The young lady ended up being OK, but the internet had already gone to the proverbial woodshed and unleashed a phalanx of Photoshops, GIFs, and all around slander directed in Miguel's general direction. Here now, is some of that slander.

Pulpit rock
Pulpit rock
Pulpit rock

Pulpit rock

Lmao just saw the miguel dropkick. Hes a modern day diamond dallas page

— Larry David (@GuapoRoe) May 20, 2013

I just KNEW Miguel was the White Ranger....I KNEW IT! twitter.com/SKTV_/status/3…

— Trav NEVER Chills (@SKTV_) May 20, 2013

Miguel gon take the Gold at the 2016 Olympics.....Put 50 on it bruh twitter.com/SKTV_/status/3…

— Trav NEVER Chills (@SKTV_) May 20, 2013

Whatcha gonna do when Miguel runs wild on you, BROTHERRRRR!!! cc: @hulkhogan twitter.com/arda_ocal/stat…

— Arda Ocal (@arda_ocal) May 20, 2013

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