SS: That’s all I remember.
ZL: Yeah. Me too.
SS: (singing) “Laid-back moods.”
ZL: Good vibrations.
SS: (singing) “Sky above, sand below, good vibrations!”

On Chicago: “I’d probably go back to Vic’s Drum Shop for a few hours. We’ve been to Chicago a few times, and every time we come here we really like it.” (SS)
Artists they listen to that might surprise fans: “We’re both into Paul Simon, Dylan, Petty. Any classic stuff that’s mellower.” (ZL) “Been listening to the National a lot.” (SS)
Rap songs they know the words to: “Paul Revere” by Beastie Boys. Vanilla Ice, “Ice Ice Baby.” Those might be the only two rap songs I listen to.” (SS)  “Child’s Play” by Geto Boys. “Mind Is Playing Tricks.” That whole record. There’s a million. I think I like hip-hop more than rock music sometimes.” (ZL)

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