ZL: Yeah, I always wanted to be into horror movies, and so I saw one and I was a little too young. I definitely wasn’t into ‘em.

You wanted to be in a horror movie?
ZL: No, I wanted to be into ‘em. It’s always something that appealed to me and I think I saw one too young and it [bleepin’] flipped me out.

Did it traumatize you for a long time?
ZL: About a week.

What’s a guilty pleasure TV show of yours?
SS: “Relativity.”

What’s that?
SS: It’s not around anymore. It was like a bad “Felicity.” I think it only ran for like three episodes, but I always felt pretty guilty watching that.

I like that the implication there is you watched “Felicity” and enjoyed it as well.
SS: Did I say that?

It sounded like it. I did! I can admit that.
SS: I watched a little “Felicity.” I watched “90210.” The whole scene, man. That was me.
ZL: There’s no guilt about that.

What about you, Zack?
ZL: Probably “California Dreams.” I felt like I was betraying “Saved by the Bell.”

“California Dreams”!
ZL: Yeah, man. Surf dudes with attitude. (singing) “Kinda groovy” … Remember?
SS: Yeah, I do.

Do you guys want to belt out the whole theme song?