SS: He’s a little cute.

He always sounds so insincere. “I think I want to marry you.” Either you do or you don’t.
ZL: I might marry him …
SS: I think he’s smart enough to know exactly what every girl wants to hear. So he writes the song and then just like he planned, they all come swooning.

I guess so. It doesn’t work for me.
[Both laugh]
SS: I don’t think it’s supposed to work for us.

I think it’s interesting that someone coming to your band and not paying attention would think there’s more anger than there really is, when what I think is great about your lyrics is that they’re cathartic.
SS: That’s what we feel like the whole thing is for us. Even the whole show. We struggle going into situations where we’re playing for a bunch of new people. It’s fun and exciting to play for new people and have them get into your band, but this is a club, and people need to know what it’s about and what to expect when they come here. For us it’s a big physical and emotional release to do this every night, so we want people to come to the show to feel like they’re going to do the same thing.

So you hope that they’ve done their research a little bit?
SS: Yeah, kinda. There’s nothing worse than going up there and doing what we do the way we do it and just feeling like you’re five out of a few hundred people that are even sweating.
ZL: Especially around the time when “New Low” was doing its thing, and maybe there’s a bunch of people that came because they heard it as a ringtone or they heard it in some context and they figured, “Oh, this is a pop-alternative band” ‘cause it is mellower, and then came to see us and they’re like, “OK ….” Especially with a song like that, it reaches way more younger females, and then they come out and it’s more like a punk show and they’re terrified.

What was a movie that scared you as a kid?
SS: “The Wizard of Oz.”
ZL: Chucky.

Why “Wizard of Oz”?
SS: Don’t know, man. The feet sticking out of the [bleeping] house. That was frightening to me.

Not the flying monkeys?
SS: I don’t even know if I noticed the monkeys. I couldn’t even get through the whole thing. It was just terrifying to me.

And “Child’s Play” for you, Zack?