Die Antwoord, 5 p.m. at PlayStation stage

Obviously, anyone who thinks rap is little more than mentions of “bitches” and “mother[bleep]ers” is almost completely wrong. Except when talking about South African outfit Die Antwoord, which spent the remaining time nodding to ninjas and Dom Perignon and demonstrating that they have no idea how ridiculous their hip-hop imitation looks and sounds. When you sometimes come across like Alvin and the Chipmunks rapping over the “Mortal Kombat” theme, that’s not a good sign. – Matt Pais

Runner-up: Michael Kiwanuka, 1:30 p.m. at PlayStation stage

At sunset, the British singer-songwriter’s laid-back vibe might gently slide Lolla concertgoers toward a point at which they’re ready to rock again. In the early-afternoon heat of the PlayStation stage, Kiwanuka’s sleepy folk created a vibe and then took it on a lazy train to nowhere. – Matt Pais

The Black Keys, 8:30 p.m. at Red Bull Soundstage

Ughhh, I really didn't want to have to do this. I love these guys! Yes, they brought the fireworks. Yes, they played "Howlin' For You" right away. But I wanted my butt rocked off, and the Keys just didn't jam out and make the performance unique enough from their albums enough to do that. I honestly lost my [bleep] more over Rahm introducing them than any song they played. -- Dana Moran

Madeon, 4:30 p.m. at Perry's stage
I saw ambulance lights and heard loud dubstep and, putting two and two together, realized this wouldn't end well. Madeon's music sounded like if the music at Chuck E. Cheese and the theme song from the Six Flags commercial had a dubsteb baby. If you wanted to see a large group of technicolored teenagers and drunk adults fatiguing themselves to seizure inducing beats, then Madeon's would have been the place to be. -- Julia Bohan

M83, 7:30 p.m. at Sony stage

Love these guys, but I was really expecting to be blown away. Not sure if there were sound issues or if I'm just a big dreamer, but they seemed to be playing at 50 percent of what they're capable of delivering. -- Emily Van Zandt

What I did hear was good, but the sound being cut down and the unenthusiastic set hampered expectaions. The saxaphonist went crazy on "Midnight City" though. -- Ernest Wilkins

Passion Pit, 6 p.m. at Bud Light stage
I blame this on Lollapalloza's scheduling of Passion Pit and The Shins at the same time. How to choose? Catch the beginning of Passion Pit (who played a tiny stage to a huge crowd at Lolla three years ago) and then book it down to The Shins (making a rare festival showing). The first half of Passion Pit's set lacked the energy and excitement of their last Lolla showing, and I left feeling like my time would have been better spent at the other end of the fest  with the always-reliable Shins. Surely I just missed the frenzy and fun in the last half of Passion Pit's show. -- Sara Stewart

The Growlers, 12:45 p.m. at Red Bull Soundstage
I didn't expect much from these unknowns, and I didn't get much--besides some trance-inducing drumming. They didn't seem to care whether we were listening or not. I would have preferred not. -- Harry Huggins

Black Sabbath, 8:05 p.m. at Bud Light stage

When else would I see Black Sabbath? It's their only U.S. performance this year, but it seemed a lot of festgoers went south to see the Black Keys. Hard-core rock fans didn't care, singing along and strumming air guitars. I give Ozzy props for playing Lolla at his age. He sounded off-key at time and annoyingly kept yelling to the crowd, "I can't [bleeping] hear you." Enough already, we get it; either you have bad hearing or you want us to cheer louder. If we do that, at least play your entire time slot, not end 15 minutes early. -- Leonor Vivanco

Sony Stage
Did someone's budget get cut? Whoever decided to significantly shrink this stage that's usually scheduled for of-the-moment blog buzz bands clearly didn't think this through. M83's elaborate stage setup looked much too crowded, only one screen was constructed to the side of the stage and the sound wasn't nearly loud enough. Here's hoping Saturday is a better day for the Sony Stage, where Neon Indian and Bloc Party will undoubtedly bring the crowds. --Jessica Galliart

Best not at fest: Frank Ocean Lolla pre-show, 11:30 p.m. at Metro

Friday's Metro show offered something Frank's lolla performance won't be able to: pure intimacy. In a room filled with emotion, Frank knocked everyone away with the best from "Channel Orange" and "Nostalgia, Ultra," as well as new song "Summer Remains." And I really almost did pass out when he opened with a cover of Sade's "By Your Side." The only thing missing? His version of Beyonce-sung, Frank-written "I Miss You." Otherwise, a perfect night. -- Dana Moran
Lobster corn dog
For two years the lobster corn dog from Graham Elliot’s food stall has been the talk of the RedEye office. So this year, after taking my culinary tour down Columbus, I figured I had room for one of the infamous meat stick contraptions. I should have had another bowl of Rainbow ice cream. With its dry insides and faint lobster taste, the best part about this corndog was the tartar sauce. -- Rex Chekal