SL: If I had some skill there, I would consider it.
AC: Sophie does like really creepy stories. A lot of times after band practice she'll say something like, "I saw this TV show and this guy was hiding under this woman's bed and he had an ax..." When she finished everyone is like, "Uh, now I don't want to turn the lights off."
SL: It's because I watch way too much news. It's definitely become a problem.

You've got a song on the new one called "Between Me & You." In that spirit, would you like to tell me something you've never told another interviewer?

SL: OK. That song was written out of hatred for a roommate. Well, hatred is a bad word. Let's call it discomfort.

Videotape, 9 p.m. Aug. 24 at Township, $6
Sophie Leigh and AJ Cesena personality test
What's the last album you bought?
AC: "I think it was the Broadcast album 'The Noise Made By People.'"
SL: "It's shameful, but I haven't bought anything in awhile—partially because I don't have internet at home."
Song you've listened to on repeat recently?
SL: "I can't stop listening to 'Cups in the Sink' by Emily Cross."
AC: "I really like that song by Kimbra called 'Settle Down.'"
Song you never want to hear again?
AC: "'Call Me Maybe' by Carly Rae Jepsen."
SL: "That's a good one. I agree."
Best concert you've seen in the last year?
AC: "Ooh. The first one that comes into my head is Wild Flag at Subterranean. They were awesome."
SL: "Lykke Li. That was awhile ago, though."
New band you don't know personally that deserves to be big?
SL: "Coffin Ships for me. I've seen them a few times around Chicago and I really enjoy them."
AC: "I'd have to say another Chicago band called Radar Eyes. They're great."
Favorite movie ever?
SL: "I really like this movie called 'Another Earth.' It's was so good. Really I read I a lot and don't watch that many movies."
Chicago's best music venue?
AC: "The best one to play it is the Empty Bottle. It's probably the best one to see bands live, too, because it's not too big."
SL: "I agree with AJ. I really loved playing at the Empty Bottle, and I love watching shows there."