Don't sweep nobody's foot with a broom. When you kick somebody in the back of the shoe you have to tap them on the back three times. Never let a baby look itself in the mirror before it has its teeth. Don't raise an umbrella in the house.

Where did you pick those up?

My grandmother. We'd drop a bowl of cereal and be sweeping it up and she'd be like, "Don't sweep his feet! One of y'all will die!"

You quit a high paying job selling women's shoes at a department store to pursue music full-time. When all is said and done, who will be the most famous ladies' shoe salesmen: Tree or Al Bundy?

[Laughs] It'll probably be Tree. That's saying a lot, though. That show went on for years.

Tree, 1 p.m. July 21 at Pitchfork Music Fest at Union Park. $50 per day (three-day tickets sold out)

Tree personality test
Last album you bought? "Wow, that I physically bought? I haven't bought an album since I was a teenager. I couldn't even tell you the last album I bought."
Song you've listened to on repeat recently? "'Most Successful' off 'Sunday School II.'"
Song you never want to hear again? "I hate to do this, but there's this song I heard recently I think by ASAP Ferg where he's like, 'Put 'em in the dirt!' The whole song he's talking about killing somebody, and I just think in 2013 that's preposterous. It was like, 'What the hell is going on? Don't they know about all the killing going on in Chicago?'"
Best concert you've seen in the last year? "That would definitely have to be Danny Brown at the last Pitchfork. It really inspired me to be a better performer."
New band you don't know personally that deserves to be big? "Emily and the Woods. I actually sampled one of their songs for 'Most Successful.'"
Favorite movie ever? "The Shawshank Redemption"
Chicago's best music venue? "I would have to say the Metro."