How did you react when Metallica invited you to play the Orion Music + More Festival?

It was almost comical. I was like, "What the [bleep]? A festival that Metallica is playing?" It's still a shock. Knowing that people who have been so influential in music have actually heard about you and approve of what you're doing is a really big deal. I probably haven't listened to Metallica since middle school, but I still recognize what they've done for music and as musicians.

They're all well over 40. Does that give you any hope that getting old won't be that bad?

Yeah, now that I think about it there are older dudes like that. Especially Iggy Pop. We saw the Stooges in Chicago last year, and when I saw his ass up there doing what he was doing it was like, "If he can do that at his age, I can probably try."

The Orwells, 8 p.m. Saturday, March 23 at Beat Kitchen, $10

Mario Cuomo personality test
Song you've listened to on repeat recently? "'Varisty,' that new single by the Smith Westerns."
Song you never want to hear again? "Probably 'ABC' by the Jackson Five because the way we have our iPod hooked up in the van it goes back to the first song in your music library whenever a song ends, so the beginning of 'ABC' has been played like 500 times in our van on this tour."
Best concert you've seen in the last year? "Probably Waka Flocka at Congress Theater."
New band you don't know personally that deserves to be big? "Deerhunter are known on the indie level, but they deserve to be one of the biggest bands out there."
Favorite movie ever? "Sin City"
Chicago's best music venue? Schubas