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Katy Perry takes selfie with 'American Gothic' at Art Institute

Katy Perry snuck into the Art Institute in Chicago Tuesday night for a selfie with the "original Goths," and got a peek of one of the museum's newest exhibits.  

The pop-star — whose tour is currently winding it's way through the midwest — got a private tour of the Art Institute's Rene Magritte exhibit last night, according to the museum's Director of Public Affairs Rebecca Baldwin. During her hour-and-a-half guided tour of the realist exhibit, Perry took to Instagram to document some of the pieces that caught her eye, including a selfie with Grant Wood's American Gothic. 

Art Institute officials extended an invitation to Perry for the tour after hearing the singer was a fan of modern art. 

"(Magritte) is surrealism, kind of quirky, kind of like Katy herself," Baldwin said. 

Though dressed discreetly, Perry wore a "lovely sort of calf-length fruit patterned dress and a leather jacket" with a knit ski-cap, lace-up boots and a leather backpack, Baldwin said. She was "energetic, engaged and nice to everyone" during the tour, which was led by exhibit curator Stephanie D’Alessandro. Perry also took several photos and posted them to Instagram, captioning one by saying the exhibit "will blow your conventional mind (and) wake you up from your zombie state!"

D'Alessandro told RedEye that many people light up when they see the exhibit, but Perry was particularly enthusiastic. 

“It’s more than a light with her, it's like fireworks with her, no pun intended," she said. "She was very into it.”

The exhibit, titled "Magritte: Mystery of the Ordinary, 1926-1938," opened June 24, and is described by the institute as an example of the artists' attempts to make "everyday objects shriek aloud."  

In addition to her American Gothic selfie, Perry also snapped a few more photos of her tour, which are below.

Afterward, Perry headed to Soho House in the West Loop. 

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