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Exclusive: Lineup and highlights from Bud Light stage at Taste of Chicago 2012

You heard it here first: Now that our 2012 RedEye Rock ‘n’ Vote winner has been slotted in, these bands comprise the best of the previously unannounced Bud Light Stage lineup at this year’s Taste of Chicago. You’ll be at all of these free shows, right?

The 92s
5:20 p.m. July 15
The 2012 RedEye Rock ‘n’ Vote winners put newfound force and confidence into the already pristinely structured folk-rock tunes on its “Don’t Bury Me” EP.

The Kickback
6:40 p.m. July 11
Another finalist for Rock ‘n’ Vote 2012, these Chicago rockers (who formed in South Dakota) may have something special cooking for their full-length debut, if the fantastic “Scorched Earth (Do-Da)” is any indication.

Kids These Days
4 p.m. July 12
One of Chicago’s hottest acts, this horn-flecked hip-hop crew has been starting parties all over the place lately, including an acclaimed set at Lolla 2011.

Mucca Pazza
6:40 p.m. July 12
The city’s most rockin’ marching band plays from its latest record, “Safety Fifth.”

The Waco Bros sing Johnny Cash
5:20 p.m. July 14
The rowdy Bloodshot records act puts its spin on some classics. Should be some rough, excellent takes on hard livin’.

Full lineup below, courtesy of the City of Chicago:
Wednesday, July 11 - “Anything Goes” Day
Noon-1:00pm-            School or Rock (classic rock staples)
        1:20pm-2:20pmWes Kirkpatrick (singer/songwriter)
    2:40pm-3:40pm    Billy Croft and the 5 Alarm (country)”Joe’s Bar’s Pick!”
        4:00pm-5:00pmDeep Dark Woods (folk/roots)
        5:20pm-6:20pmNew Face of Soul (soul/funk)
        6:40pm-8:00pmThe Kickback (Indie rock) “Schuba’s Pick!”

Thursday, July 12 - “Wear Your Dancing Shoes” Day
Noon-1:00pm            Keith Jackson & Triple Dose Band
        1:20pm-2:20pmShuteye (Electronic/Dance)
        2:40pm-3:40pmDozens (Pop/Electronic)
        4:00pm-5:00pmKids These Days (Blues/Hip Hop)
        5:20pm-6:20pmTroy D  (R&B/pop)
        6:40pm-8:00pmMucca Pazza (Circus/PunkMarching Band)
                “Bottom Lounge’s Pick!”

Friday, July 13 - Rock ‘til You Drop” Friday
Noon-1:00pm            Jaded (Punk/Pop)
        1:20pm-2:20pmOverman (rock)
        2:40pm-3:40pmBlack Tape (rock)
        4:00pm-5:00pmMilano (rock)
        5:20pm-6:20pmFort Frances (alternative)
        6:40pm-8:00pmMy My My (pop)

Saturday, July 14 - Tribute Day
Noon-1:00pm    Tribute to Woody Guthrie on his 100th Birthday with the Old Town School of Folk Music
        1:20pm-2:20pmGrana Louise sings Koko Taylor
        2:40pm-3:40pmFrieda Lee/ Tribute to Ella Fitzgerald
        4:00pm-5:00pmGlory Days /Tribute to Bruce Springsteen
        5:20pm-6:20pmThe Waco Bros sing Johnny Cash
        6:40pm-8:00pmRobbie Fulks sings Lynyrd Skynyrd
                “Beat Kitchen’s Pick!”

Sunday, July 15 - Variety Day
Noon-1:00pm            Las Guitarras de Espana (Latin)
        1:20pm-2:20pmBirds of Chicago (Americana)
        2:40pm-3:40pmZamin (Indian/World/Pop)
        4:00pm-5:00pmFurious Frank (gypsy rock / fractured folk)
    5:20pm-6:20pm    RedEye Rock’n’Vote Winner
        6:40pm-8:00pmThe Hillbenders (bluegrass)

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