Key videos: "Go Getta," "Smoker's Delight"


Full name: Trinity Home

Home: Calumet City

Age: 17

Do you stand around at lunch and rap with people? "We used to do that, like in the hallways between classes and stuff. Everybody would huddle around and I'd just like spit a verse that I wrote the night before. And they'd be like 'aw, she's so raw' and 'say another one the next period.'"

What are your favorite subjects in school? "English. I love to write. It kind of helps me out with the rapping and singing and whatnot. And math."

Mixtapes: "Winter's Diary," "Alter Ego"

Key video: "Fingers Up"

Sasha Go Hard

Full name: Yaneisha Franklin

Neighborhood: Hyde Park

Age: 20

What was your first recording? "My first, first time recording—I recorded with Dgainz—I thought I was going to be scared because in grammar school I used to talk on the mics, like get on the stage in school, and I hated my voice. And then when I recorded ... I was happy. I was like, 'I'm in the studio!'"

Do you like your voice more now? "Yes. I love my voice. I listen to my voice on my songs like, 'Damn, my voice [is] sexy.'"

Mixtape: "Do You Know Who I Am?"

Key videos: "Why They Mad," "Welcome to the Real World"

Kyle Kramer is a RedEye special contributor.