Chicago jazz jets to Poland for the holidays

"We'd like to show some avant-rock music from Chicago … show something interest from Umbrella," adds Juszczak, referring to the Umbrella Music collective of Chicago experimenters.

"But sometimes it's not good to make a festival too big, because we will lose our relationship with the audience. … If we extend (the festival), we'll extend in terms of the music, to show more music, but not to show the music in bigger spaces."

Deutsch envisions packaging the Made in Chicago Festival shows for other European destinations and perhaps selling recordings and broadcast rights.

For now, though, the festival appears to be humming along nicely, notwithstanding global economic pressures – quite a feat for an event that emphasizes the newest expressions in jazz.

As for Juszczak, he says he would like to convey a message to the city where Jelly Roll Morton and Louis Armstrong – and generations after that – launched their global careers.

"I would like to say: 'Thank you, Chicago, for the beautiful music.'"

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