Angel Olsen needs videos

"That was my instinct, too! No, they don't see me — and it's me! I want to be buried alive!"

Anger laughed.

"You bury me alive!" Olsen said.

"And I want to bury you alive."

"This video should also make you very thirsty."

"It's romantic actually, because I'm not claustrophobic," Anger said.

"And I am! Which is why I want to do this."

"OK, so: You, dirt, deep in the ground."

"But deep. Like deep," Olsen said. "Like, someone has to dig me up."

"I will!"

"But don't say that then go off and get tacos with the crew!"

"I would never!"

Olsen and Anger stop and stare at each other for a moment, then break into laughter. "What am I even talking about anymore?" Olsen said. "I kind of sound crazy. Though, wow, like, what a video, right?"

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Angel Olsen

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