Readers sound off about WBEZ

Thank you for your column about WBEZ. I was very upset when (Torey Malatia) excised jazz from WBEZ's programming and sent him an email to register my concern. That's when I ceased contributing to the station. I share your hope that a new executive will be more sensitive to Chicago's music history and reflect it in more appropriate programming.

-- Judy Graf, Chicago

Needling WBEZ

My wife and I want to enthusiastically thank you for your recent column about the misdirected past several years at WBEZ. You spoke both to us and for us. We were happy to be supporting members of WBEZ until jazz was taken off the air and the mind-numbing talk, talk, talk took over. We complained, withdrew our membership, but that mattered little. Please continue to report on and needle WBEZ to go in a more classic Chicago Public Radio direction.

-- Richard Wendel, Chicago

A lost gem

You hit the nail right on the head. I was so disappointed (when) WBEZ dropped its jazz, and I agree, the programming that replaced it was terrible. And where could else could one be introduced to the likes of Marian McPartland? WBEZ had a great program, and I am hoping that your column is giving the folks at the station pause and (that it) seriously considers bringing jazz back. The Chicago area lost a great cultural gem when jazz left ‘BEZ.

-- Jean Johnson, Mt. Prospect

Disbelief at WBEZ

As a longtime listener to WBEZ and a fan of Dick Buckley and Larry Smith, I couldn't believe when jazz was taken off of the air. How could a city as great as Chicago not have a radio station playing jazz?

-- Tom Hampton, Merrillville, IN

Filling the void

The abandonment of the jazz format left a huge void. Replacing it with redundant talk was folly. The station lost its uniqueness. WBEZ was my favorite station until the change. Hopefully the new leadership will embrace the feedback for quality jazz genre.

-- Lynda Burman, Kenosha, WI.


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