Video/Q&A: 'Smashed' star Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Do you remember one of her jokes?
At the Q&As that we’ve been going to, there’s a scene in the movie with a raunchy joke and they love doing plays on that phrase. [Laughs.] Which I don’t know that I can really—

Go for it.
The “moist p***y” phrase. They love to just bring that up, pretty much any time. He’ll be talking about how much he loves Megan and she’ll just jump in, “Well, he does love a moist p***y, what can I say.” It’s just like, “Wow. There’s no shame there.”

I love that in the movie his character learns not to say that.
Exactly! [Laughs.] So he’s just going to go with it.

I have to imagine being in “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” and having Michael Cera fighting seven exes for your love may have put pressure on your husband. How much did he feel like he had to step up the romanticism?
It’s true. Well, we got engaged shortly afterward, so maybe that was his thought process. “It’s time! I’m going to fight! I’m going to fight for this girl!” No, he loved it. I had the best ex-boyfriends ever in that movie, with Jason Schwartzman and Chris Evans and Mae Whitman and Michael Cera. It was the best possible group. So I don’t think there was very much jealousy going on. It was more jealousy that I got to hang out with those guys. [Laughs.]

What’s the most extreme thing you’ve heard about someone doing to win over a girlfriend?
Did you hear about this guy who proposed? He’s a pilot and he actually made his girlfriend think that the plane was about to crash. This is a horrible story. So he’s like flying the plane and she’s sitting next to him and he starts taking it into a nosedive and he’s like, “Oh my God, get the emergency handbook out of the glove box. We’re crashing, we’re crashing!” She’s like freaking out and she opens it and there’s a ring inside and he’s like, “[Laughs.]” That’s just like the worst.

Did she say yes?
She said yes, apparently. I guess to them it was a funny, haha kind of joke. To me I would want to kill him and never speak to him ever again. I think that would be the worst possible way to get proposed to in the world.

What she wants to do with unlimited time in Chicago: “Eat! Eat a lot of deep dish pizza. I’m going to get some Giordano’s for lunch.”
Her drink of choice with dinner: “Red. Pinot noir, cabernet. Those are kind of my wines.”
On, unlike “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,” the lack of vampires in “Lincoln”: “I know, right? Oh my God … It’s so weird. I think that’s a really strange choice. Because that’s like a big part of our history is vampires. The Civil War. How could you tell the story of the war without including the vampires?”
On the album she’s working on: “I’m working with this really awesome producer that I’ve been a fan of for a long time, he’s also a DJ, he goes by Dan the Automator. He’s super talented and he’s a good friend, and so it’s in his style but it’s inspired by French ‘60s pop and that whole world. So it’s a lot of soft sultry vocals and that kind of thing. Lyrically it’s inspired by those songs as well. It’s not done yet so I don’t know how to describe it until I hear it as a whole … I think we want to finish it by the end of the year. That’s kind of the goal. But after that we still don’t really know what we want to do with it. Sort of depends on how it all comes together, how much we like it. [Laughs.] Because it could be something we just sort of give out for free or if we think it really could do more we might do more with it.”
On awards buzz coming her way for “Smashed”: “It’s great. I sort of feel like, have you seen ‘For Your Consideration?’ That’s what it feels like. I feel like Catherine O’Hara in that movie where it’s like one person said it once and it just gets picked up by a lot other people … So in that sense it feels ridiculous. But it’s good. If it means the movie’s good and people like it, hopefully that’s why they’re saying it and hopefully that leads to more people seeing it, and that would be the ultimate best thing to happen.”
On Nicolas Cage following his well-regarded, hard-drinking performance in “Leaving Las Vegas” with a career as a crazy action star: “I would love to do some action stuff. I love it. I love stunts. I love action films. But ultimately I want to play interesting, complex characters. So if I can have the female Bourne film or something like that where it’s also a really strong character in the center of it, I would totally be up for that.”
Guilty pleasure movie: “I kind of love ‘Showgirls.’ I just think it’s kind of an amazing movie … Probably not on purpose. But just in that way that you’re watching it and, ‘They didn’t know this was going to be so brilliant.’ The scene where she’s talking to the girl when she just gets to Vegas and [is] eating the French fries and the girl’s like, ‘So where are you from?’ And she like throws the fries, ‘Different places!’ I’m like, ‘Wow, that was just a choice, that was such a bold choice.’ I just think it’s incredible.” [Note: Winstead later confessed an affection for “The Room” and does an excellent rendition of Tommy Wiseau’s classic line, “You’re tearing me apart, Lisa!”]

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