Q&A: 'Brave' director Mark Andrews and producer Katherine Sarafian

KS: [And] seasonings.

Mark, you worked your way up into this, but did you have any first-time directing jitters?
MA: The hardest thing with directing a film is getting that story right. I’ve been there and I’ve done that. I didn’t come in with any jitters whatsoever working on the film.

“Cars 2” was the first Pixar movie to receive largely negative reviews. Was there any discussion in the studio about that?
MA: Not really. We are our harshest critics. When we watch it, we love it; we’re ready to release it to the world. Then it goes out there and it’s anybody’s ballgame.
KS: John always says—[studio head] John Lasseter said this recently, even about “Brave,” we make these movies for ourselves and we want our audiences to love them. We don’t make them for the critics, although we hope the critics as audience members love them too. We make the movies for ourselves and our audiences, and the audiences responded really well to “Cars 2,” and we’re proud of the film.

On Chicago: “This is one of the most beautiful skylines I’ve ever seen.” (MA); “I would actually move here. I was thinking how can people get anything done living here ‘cause there’s so much stuff to do. I’d want to blow off my job and hang out.” (KS)
Guilty pleasure movies: “Willow.” “It’s medieval sword-fighting and and magic, come on! With a strong woman that’s walking around with a bow on her back, are you kidding me?” (MA); “Anything and everything in the teen genre. Anything that involves bringing something on, bringing it on again … stepping it up … I like “Step it Up,” “Step Up 2 the Streets,” “Step It Up 3D.” and then anything in the Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Sandra Bullock-romantic comedy genre. All day long I can watch that stuff. Katherine Heigl, I’ve watched them wall. The worse the movie is, the more I’m into it, especially on an airplane. I will watch them all. I love it.” (KS)
Fave pixar movie they haven’t worked on: “Wall-E.” “Taking this very intimate story and putting into this huge, huge huge world and I cared about that little trashcan. That’s pretty special to make me care about a trashcan. And it’s a love story between these inanimate objects, it’s fantastic.” (MA); “Up.” ““I always wished that I’d been able to [work on that] because it was so lovely and meaningful to me.” (KS)