First, to clarify: Actress Aimee Teegarden is not the same person as her character Julie Taylor on the phenomenal TV series “Friday Night Lights.”

“I’ll be at the grocery store and then people will come up and be like, ‘You’re not very nice to your mom! You need to watch your tone. You’re being bratty lately,’” says Teegarden, 21. “I’m like, ‘It’s a show; it’s a job.’ Since the characters are so relatable, I think people think that they’re real people.”

Viewers will have to get used to seeing Teegarden as someone other than Julie. After co-starring in “Scream 4,” the native Californian stars as Michigan high school overachiever Nova Prescott in “Prom,” opening April 29. Nova’s head of the prom committee, and she eventually must recreate all of the decorations with help from the obnoxious class troublemaker (Thomas McDonnell). Think of the horror for a girly-girl class president!  

The Disney movie’s mostly what you expect, with a few interesting wrinkles about the uncertainty of youth.  By phone from Miami, a bubbly Teegarden (who doesn’t eat meat and is allergic to gluten) explained why an awful prom is more memorable than a good one, how she accidentally puts herself into Julie Taylor and why Nova Prescott is not related to “Scream” heroine Sidney Prescott.

President Obama is outside Tribune Tower right now. You are taking precedence over a very important person.
Whoa! I feel pretty special. Thanks!

What’s the most extreme/shocking prom story you’ve ever heard?
Ooh, I think probably the worst prom story I’ve heard so far is somebody who got dumped at prom and then got left by her limo. That seems pretty awful and harsh. Right?

What about the most incredibly perfect story?
Incredibly perfect. You know, I feel like people always kind of end up talking about their crazy stories as opposed to the really great moments. I feel like I’ve heard more of the crazy, off-the-wall things than anything.

What memories last longer: an awesome prom or a painful prom?
I think a painful prom. I think it’s like anything. Like if you go to a restaurant and you have an amazing experience you’re not very likely to write a review about it. But if you go to a restaurant and have a bad experience, that’s like the first thing you do when you get home is write a bad review.

Do you write those very often?
Do I? No. I’m really trying to … I’m a Yelper; I love Yelp, so I’m really trying to make it a point … My new year’s resolution was if I read about a restaurant and ended up going there that I would either take a picture of the food or write a little tidbit about it. So I typically don’t write bad reviews unless I’ve had [a really awful experience] and then maybe [I will].

In “Scream 4,” the Ghostface killer hunts Sidney Prescott. In “Prom” you play Nova Prescott. How worried were you that Ghostface would come out of nowhere at prom and try to slice you, another Prescott?
[Laughs.] You know, it hadn’t even crossed my mind at that moment. I should have thought about that though. That’s interesting, Sidney Prescott and Nova Prescott. That never even rang a bell in my little mind. But I wasn’t too afraid. We didn’t have very many night scenes.

So they are not distant relatives?
Maybe in some universe I’m sure they’re probably some kind of distant relatives, but not within the “Prom” and “Scream” [worlds], no.

It’s like “Prom” would be the parallel universe of “Scream,” where a different Prescott is going through something difficult but maybe not quite as scary. Or is it equally scary?