You guest starred on "The Carol Burnett Show" for years before you became a regular.

They used to do 33 shows a year on Burnett. She said why don't you just be a regular on the show? I said I will tell you what. I will do 32 shows and leave one week open at the end, so I can guest on somebody's show. I always guested on her show, but I did have the right to go somewhere else. My job on every show was to break everybody up.

Viewers would turn in every week just to see how you would break up Harvey Korman. Did you know him prior to working on the show?

Not really. That is where I met him. Carol said you are going to be working with Harvey. She took me down to the basement where he was handcuffed to a pipe down there! I said I am going to be working with you. And he said, "Oh great, a nobody is going to be working with me." We remained friends until he left us.

Isn't it true that you would perform your sketches as written when you did the dress rehearsal, but then ad-libbed when you taped the actual episode in front of the studio audience.

I would save everything for the air show.

So Korman had no idea on the infamous "Dentist" sketch that your character was going to accidentally shoot his hand with Novocain and still try to work on his teeth.

Harvey never saw what I was going to do until he was actually doing the sketch. As a matter of fact in the dentist sketch you can actually see Harvey wet his pants from laughing.


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