MLB has been trying to combat this, signing an overall deal last fall with MTV in an attempt to raise its youth profile.

In an interview, Tim Brosnan, executive vice president, business for Major League Baseball, said "Off the Bat" is "going to bring a different audience to experience the game." MTV, he said, "has a lens to talk to that 12-to-24 audience, and it's a really attractive lens to us." In that sense, "Off the Bat" is as much about restoring baseball's cool as it is about talking about Twitter and Taylor Swift.

Purists, of course, might argue that this waters down a game that should be about ERA and RBI, not OMG and LOL. But producers say that misreads not only what fans care about but also what interests the athletes themselves.

"When players are sitting around a dugout or clubhouse, they're not spending that much time talking about how someone is good at hitting left-handed pitching," said Bryan Terry, the co-executive producer of "Off the Bat" who also worked on "TRL." "They'll talk about what music they have on, or poke fun at someone for going to four Rihanna shows."


'Off the Bat From the MLB Fan Cave'

Where: MTV2

When: 8 and 10 p.m. Tuesday

Rating: Not rated