Don doesn’t know how to keep it in his pants, but Ted does.

It’s two sides of the same coin as far as how to handle the shutdown. I feel like Don, by opening his fly, shuts down. For Ted, zipping it up is his way to shut down. 

There is so much infidelity on this show that sometimes it's like, "Enough." But with Peggy and Ted, you’re rooting for it to happen.

Yeah. You want to see the fall. I had a friend who had watched the show for the first time a couple weeks ago and he’s like, "Is that show just about people sleeping with other people’s wives?"

What do you think Ted sees in Peggy? 

Obviously she’s an attractive woman, but I think she understands him and that’s a huge turn-on. I think it’s a lot about her drive and her talent. He doesn’t have the machismo thing, so for him to be able to work with a woman, that’s gotta be a little refreshing. And it goes back to the scene when he and Gleason were in the hospital and he’s trying to figure out Don –  “I don’t get it, what is this guy doing, it’s just a waste of energy.” He never had that with Peggy. The minute Peggy joins Cutler, Gleason and Chaough she’s on the team; she’s solving problems as opposed to creating them.

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It also seems like Peggy has been misreading Ted. She misdirects Joan on Avon because she thinks she knows how he will react, and she waltzes into his office after the breakup with Abe and expects him to profess his love again.

I think you’re right on the mark. There’s a lot of assumptions about how he’s going to react based on previous reactions but the information she doesn’t have is that he’s holding the ship together and so she doesn’t get his undivided attention like she did when she was the new kid at his office where everything ran the way it was supposed to run. This guy is busy. He’s literally getting on a plane to go solve the other problem and you’re bringing him business, he says, “Great, now do your job.”  It’s a common theme so far this year  -- people, do your job. What’s new to him, I think, is all the drama.

Are you as conscientious as Ted?

I hope so. I try to be. I don’t think anyone can always be that way but that’s a goal. I guess I tend to be aware of other people, sometimes to a fault.

How does it feel to be the new guy in school?

At the beginning of the year I felt like a freshman in high school and you kind of stay out of the way and don’t get stuffed in the locker but they are so welcoming and accommodating. I really felt like by the end of the year I was one of the team. 

They didn’t haze you or anything?

No, I got hazed. At the end of the year my car got TP’d. 

Jon Hamm brought you into his trailer and made you do shots.

And made me do his laundry. [laughs] No, everyone on that show is appreciative of what they have and it’s the only show I’ve ever been on where people come early and stay late. 

Are there things about Ted we have yet to learn?

Yes. I think I can say yes to that…

We do know he’s a pilot.