--Lord Grantham isn’t the only man in Cora’s family who knows how to blow a fortune! We learn that her brother in America has lost a bundle in some sort of misguided oil scheme. There’s an allusion to his dealings with Sen. Fall, suggesting he’s gotten mixed up in the Teapot Dome Scandal. For those of you who don’t remember this somewhat obscure chapter in American history from ninth grade, here is a primer.

--Mary and Grantham talk about raising Tamworth pigs. I can’t believe the plot of this show is now hinging on livestock. When did “Downton Abbey” turn into “All Creatures Great and Small”?

--Carson on the "shivers" Mrs. Patmore experiences at the sight of Valentino: "What a very disturbing thought."

--Mrs. Patmore's parting words for Alfred: "You’re as good as any Frenchman, I don't care what they say."


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