Track-off: Capital Hill featuring Traye D vs The 2 of Diamonds

Kyra Kyles

1:39 PM CDT, August 29, 2011


Happy Monday, music fans.

Today, I handpicked some songs with laidback, model-pretty instrumentals you can drive down LSD to...

You know the rules. Listen and then vote for the artist who best reps for this contest, as they will be mentioned in the RedEye. Earbuds in, please. Ready, set, track-off!

"Callin' Me"--Capital Hill featuring Traye D

"This One's For You" --The 2 of Diamonds

  • "Callin' Me"-- Capital Hill featuring Traye D
  • "This One's For You"--The 2 of Diamonds
  • Neither, send them back to the lab