Ralph Macchio: Sometimes I’m crotchety, angry, curmudgeonly,  you know I do have that side. I don’t always show it.

G2M: You bring up your kids, and I know you were recently seen on the red carpet with your daughter Julia at the premiere of her film.  Has she gone “dad I really hope I get these forever young genes from you so I can have an extended career”?

Ralph Macchio: Yes, but she says “I want to look as young as possible but I wish I looked more like mom and less like you.”

G2M: (laughs)

Ralph Macchio: (laughs) I don’t think she hates the fact, but yeah, she looks like my daughter. My wife and I don’t look that far (apart), we’re both, you know, dark hair from Italian. And I have a little Greek mixed in me, that Mediterranean look. We’re all trying to keep the young thing. We’ll see what happens. I’m still expecting one day I’m just going to wake up and be bald, fat and grey. I’m trying to keep it going as long as I can.

G2M: Just don’t go into the attic and find that portrait of yourself -

Ralph Macchio: Dorian Gray, yeah I’ve heard that. I don’t wanna find that. It’s kinda fun. I even poke fun at that in the (Funny or Die) video. In the video I’m with the hooker and she says “why don’t you come back when you turn eighteen?” And I’m banging her to make her believe I‘m in my late forties and she just won’t buy it. It’s fun. To me, in life, if you have a sense of humor about it that’s how you deal with anything. Pros and cons. Not every day is it that easy. You try to strive for that. That’s kind of the goal.

G2M: Speaking of having a sense of humor, not too long ago you had a role on “Psych” where you played a police officer. And “Psych” is known for refereeing the 80’s. And yet, with you on it, I don’t remember a single “Karate Kid” reference. Was that intentional?

Ralph Macchio: No, there was one. There are actually two. Ironically you mention this. I just got back from Vancouver from shooting another episode of “Psych.”

G2M: Awesome!

Ralph Macchio: And so it’s gonna be on this season.  It’s an “all-star” episode. They brought back like eight or nine fan-favorites and I made the cut. It’s a really funny episode. It’s a remake of an episode from their first season. They’ve actually remade this episode called “Cloudy With A Chance of Murder” and now it’s called “Cloudy With A Chance of Improvement.”  So I just got back from doing that. It’s a courtroom drama.

But that “Psych” episode that you’re speaking of, James Roday says “I don’t mean to go waxing on about it but” as a throwaway. It’s really fast. And another one I yell at the two guys and I say “do you understand me?” And then they quietly say “yes sensei” under their breath. So they were able to slip those in there. I think there was an “Outsiders” one too. They’re really clever. Those guys are great. And I have a good time. We’re good friends. Dule’ (Hill) and Roday, those are very talented guys.

G2M: I was hoping that this would lead to you having a recurring role on the show.

Ralph Macchio: Yeah, you’re always looking for that. And it’s the ebbs and flows of the industry, you know. I was on “Ugly Betty” and got about eleven episodes out of that show. We had a good time when we shot at New York. And it’s fun coming in when it’s smart, like in “How I Met You Mother” or “Psych.” It’s finding that recurring and/or series regular role, which is the mother lode everyone looks for.

In between, myself, I just directed a film with Karina Smirnoff, the girl I danced with on “Dancing With The Stars.” Marsha Mason is in the film and this young actor Ben Hyland. It’s called “Across Grace Alley”, and we’re going to launch at film festivals this fall. It’s starting to get accepted.

I take a lot of what I’ve learned from some of those filmmakers, Francis Coppola or John Avildsen, and Todd Holland who directed the video. I take what I’ve learned over the years, and I put my storytelling hat on, and write and direct as well. And produce as well. So you balance it, jump in front of the camera when it makes sense. And you’re behind the camera if I could figure it out.

G2M: I see you had a production called “A Little Game”?

Ralph Macchio: Yes, “A Little Game,” Olympia Dukakis is in that. And F. Murray Abraham and Janeane Garofalo plays my wife. And Rachel Dratch is in it as well. It’s an indie film we shot in New York last September, a little bit less than a year ago. I think they’re just finishing up the editing. It’s a charming story. It was fun to work with some of those veterans.

That’s the great, I mean, in the film (Across Grace Alley), (you’ve got) Marsha Mason. I’ve seen “The Goodbye Girl” fifteen times and people forget she was nominated for four Best Actress Oscars, and there I was directing her and telling her what to do. It’s kinda fun. (laughs)  I would step out (from behind the camera) I would say “hm” I’d say something after her and she did it. It’s kind of fun to connect with people you grew up with.

G2M: What’s your role in “A Little Game”?