It’s the greatest tournament in the galaxy! No, not the NCAA, but the This Is Madness - Star Wars Character Tournament! Last week Ben Finfer of The Game 87.7 and I gave our predictions for the opening round of the tourney that will decide who is the best character in the Star Wars Universe.

Finfer went 14-2 in his picks, which Lord Vader would deem “Impressive. Most impressive.”

On the other hand, I went 9-7, and the Dark Lord had this reaction.

Anyhoo, we have now reached the Sweet Sixteen! And even though I’ve busted half my brackets, and no longer qualify to win a billion Republic credits, I’m still in the running to make it to the final.

Who will prove to be Chicago’s Top Star Wars Geek? Will it be Ben Finfer? Or yours truly? Check out our picks for the round of sixteen and follow along!:


Ben Finfer: R2-D2 is a survivor, probably more than anyone else in the galaxy.  More importantly he's a droid, which means he's immune to the image of Leia in her metal bikini. Not even Obi-Wan can offer hope for her highness .  Artoo crushes in this matchup.  

Winner: R2-D2

Elliott Serrano: It all comes down to who is more beloved in the Star Wars Universe, the spunky little droid who saved both Padme and her daughter in two sets of trilogies, or the Princess who the moment she was freed from her cell on the Death Star got her rescuers trapped in a garbage compactor.

Oh yeah, and R2 saved her then too!

Winner: R2-D2


Finfer: Interesting battle.  Both are universally adored and the voting will be close.  However, I have determined a winner through extensive statistical research and also by remembering that Yoda won this exact same matchup last year.  I assume cheating is also a path to the dark side.

Winner: Yoda

Serrano: Yoda over Obi-Wan again? For the second year in a row?  Strong in the Force is he, but not that strong.

Winner: Obi-Wan Kenobi


Finfer: This one is Shakespearean.  How can someone be asked to choose between two best friends?  I assume in the end people will begrudgingly vote Han for the same reason I will.  Tie goes to the actor who also played Indiana Jones.

Winner: Han Solo