Talk about a rube.

Then again, this is a fairy tale and leaving home is part of the hero’s call to adventure. And sometimes that call also involves falling in love with a beautiful princess.

There’s no lust involved.

2. Women aren't trophies.  

Nope, they are not. I never said they were. And to insinuate that I think that is kind of...annoying.

When you talk about “getting the girl/boy” in a story narrative it’s not to imply that they are an object to be attained. Even in fairy tales the protagonist isn’t trying to “win” someone but seek out an ideal of someone; it’s the relationship the characters long for.

Snow White sings that ‘one day her prince will come’ even though she has no idea who that prince is. It’s the notion of being in love she’s singing about. Of having someone who loves her and that their love is so strong it will whisk her away from her current circumstances.

Is it realistic? Absolutely not. Again, it’s a fairy tale.

It’s not meant to demean or objectify anyone unless you insist on interpreting it that way.

When Prince Charming kisses Snow White at the end of the story and wakes her from her deathly sleep, does he view her as a trophy that he’s won? I don’t think so. Again, it’s an ideal of what love is in the world of fantasy.

Framed in terms of another fairy tale, how would people react if Prince Charming put the slipper on Cinderella, saw that it fit, but then decided he liked one of the Ugly Stepsisters instead?

In the real world, the idea that she wouldn’t end up marrying some guy she only knew for an evening isn’t all that traumatic. In fact, she’s probably better off. But does that make the original ending of the story irredeemable?

Some would say that Cinderella is just a statement about marriage and woman’s role in society. That she shouldn’t be waiting for a man to rescue her and take her away.

I call those people killjoys.

And it's not like the prince was all that bright to begin with. I mean, he goes all over the kingdom to find a mystery woman based on the idea that a shoe will fit them? What if the shoe fit more than one person? What if Cinderella’s feet were all swollen from standing on her feet all day and the slipper didn’t fit?

See what happens when you insert too great a dose of reality into a fairy tale? It destroys the illusion and makes for a bummer ending.

3. Leia and Han are actually compatible. 

Yeah, they work BECAUSE THEY WERE WRITTEN THAT WAY. That’s especially a reality for stories and the relationships in them that are influenced by the fans.

It’s like when the writers of the X-Men comics decided that Wolverine would be a better match for Jean Grey than Scott Summers. Suddenly, the guy who was a “loner” with a homicidal streak became this sensitive “Ronin” warrior who inexplicably grew 4-6 inches so he could kiss Jean without having to stand on a milk crate.

Characters that were incompatible at one point can be made compatible by the writer to serve the needs of the story.