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The Detective Dublin Files: A View to a Keister

When we last heard from Tara Dublin (AKA "Detective Dublin"), she told us about her day on the set of the hit NBC fantasy show GRIMM, and dealing with a "subconjunctival hemorrhage" in her eye. (Yikes!) Now she brings us another dispatch from the set and divulges whether the hunky cast really looks that good from - uh - every angle:

Things are getting hinky in Portland.

It seems that strange things are occurring all around Detective Dublin. A couple of weeks ago in the precinct, our foxy Captain Renard was poking around in Nick’s desk for some reason. He barely ever leaves his office, and then there he was, next to me. Not that I’m complaining: Renard (Sasha Roiz) is a serious hot box lunch. But it was something about a key, maybe? Oh Captain, my Captain, just what are you up to?

Then, the new intern, Ryan (the very cute Michael Grant Terry), turned out to be this crazy vigilante dude. It made me second-guess loaning him my pen that one time. Although there was this awesome moment where I was at my desk and all of the male leads were standing in front of me, looking at the big screen on the wall to watch the internet footage of the vigilante stuff. And yes, they all have really nice butts. Hey, I may be a professional, but I’m not made of stone over here.

The most recent episode that aired revealed that sometimes we switch things around in the precinct, and Detective Dublin got moved to a desk in the back, near the Captain’s office. My adoring public (okay, three people) tweeted to complain about the random dude at MY desk. I don’t make the rules of the set, my friends; I just follow them. Happily, I’ve been back at my regular place for the remainder of the fall shooting schedule and you should see me just fine and dandy from here on out.

My last two days on the set in this calendar year were great. Eleven hours one day, marking the return of my favorite director from last year. That day was intense, involving a shooting VERY close to a space we all consider safe from such things. I also caught a glimpse of Bree Turner, back from giving birth (which is why Rosalee was sent to ‘visit’ her ‘sick aunt’) and she doesn’t look like she’s had a baby in this lifetime or any other. The second day involved only one brief scene in the precinct. Soon after wrapping, I ran into Russell Hornsby (Hank) at Whole Foods. Stars, they’re just like us!

Speaking of which, we’ve also had some really great guest stars on the show: Lisa Vidal, Kate del Castillo, and Jason Gedrick, to name a few. Claire Coffee returns this Friday as Adalind Schade, and she is going to be stirring up some serious trouble. As we approach the shooting hiatus (SADZ!), which will last til mid-January, we’re all left wondering what’s going to happen with the Nick-Juliette-Renard Bizarre Love Triangle.

The background extras are gathering this Friday to watch the Fall Finale at the same place where we celebrated the premiere of Season Two. We then have two whole months before we’ll be back on the set together. Most of us will be slogging away at less exciting day jobs and fighting off Seasonal Affective Disorder. And what are our leads doing with their 2-month break? “Sleep, sleep, and more sleep,” says David Giuntoli. This means those dreamy blue eyes will be extra dreamy come January 20th when it’s back to business as usual for the cast and crew.

And Detective Dublin can’t wait.


Do you have a question for Detective Dublin about the show Grimm or her expereinces on the set? Ask them in the comment section below and she may answer them in a future installment of "The Detective Dublin Files"!




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