G2M: (laughs) That’s a great line. A little bit off the beaten path here. I know you did a run with Jim Lee on Superman, and now Lee is going to be doing “Superman: Unchained” with Scott Snyder, have you had a chance to see any of the stuff those guys have been up to?

BA: I’ve seen a little bit of it, but not much of it yet. I’ve talked pretty extensively to Scott about it and what he was going to be doing.  It’s going to be great. Superman fans are going to have a good spring/early summer.

G2M: Back to Superman, he seems to be another tough nut to crack, when you have a character who is so powerful, and in some cases un-relatable, where do you find that ground where you can get people to come and say “I can relate to Superman”?

BA: Well, you know, I look for doubt in him. For me a story always goes out of a mistake. Somebody makes a mistake and that becomes the story. Probably that explains why my series are kind of dark, because there’s a problem to begin with.  So I look for that in him, how can you find a flaw in a man with no flaws? It’s gotta come from within him. But that was my take, you know. The great thing about these characters - so great to me -  they can stand the test of time. They’re durable enough to different people to bring different ideas to them. And as long as people adhere to the core values of the character, like what makes this character what he is, then the skies the limit. Up, up and away. (laughs)

G2M: Love it. You’re a Cubs fan, correct?

BA: I’m a Cubs season ticket holder. Does that make me a fan or a fool? (laughs)

G2M: (laughs) What do you think about the local comics scene in Chicago? There’s yourself, your wife Jill Thompson, Mike Norton,, a lot of folks who work on high-profile titles. What do you think is the future of the comics scene in Chicago?

BA: Oh, I think the future is great! We’re supporting two shows, now, a year (C2E2 and Wizard World Chicago Comic-Con). That’s fantastic. So it’s not just creators here, but a pretty big fan base. There are a lot of different shops in the city, from Challengers to Chicago Comics. You’ve got (Comix) Revolution up in Evanston.  It’s fantastic, the community here is really, really vibrant! I think people will get a good taste of it when they visit C2E2. That show just gets better each year.

G2M: And where will people be able to find you?

BA: In my hotel room, so don’t look. (laughs)

G2M: (laughs)

BA: I’ll be wandering around the show. I’ll be signing at the Hero Initiative booth, which is an organization that takes care of old creators in crisis. Helps them with medical bills, that kind of stuff.

G2M: I follow you on Twitter, are you active on any other social media platforms?

BA: No, and I’m not too active on that either.

G2M: You’re usually saying something about the Cubs.

BA: Well, then it’s usually something that can’t be printed.

G2M: (laughs) Finally, recently there was an article listing the Top 10 Nerdiest Cities in America and Chicago was not among them. What’s your opinion on that?

BA: We’re not nerds. We’re geeks. (laughs)