"I think all the women that I've played, a lot of them, have been quite damaged and some of them not particularly healthy," she said. "I have never played a character like (Meg) before. She is very outspoken and brash, and that was not Scully. … Meg is in your face."

Meg's counterpoint is Taylor's Agent Dunn, who's emotionally closed almost to the point of being unfeeling. Taylor described Dunn as a woman doing what she must in a masculine world.

"She's young, and she has had to fight pretty hard to make her way up the food chain in the FBI," Taylor said during a recent phone interview. "As you see in the pilot, she's also harboring a very distracting secret (that) she's very much tried to ignore and put behind her."

The character of Susie is "a break from the traditional idea of a female career woman who is trying desperately to juggle family and maternity with her career," she continued. "Susie is not really in touch with her maternal side at all, and I think that is kind of interesting. … She's a dark little thing."

"Crisis," which has been shooting in Chicago for almost eight months, wrapped filming on Season 1 on March 7. Ravich, who resides in LA, said he plans to view Sunday's premiere from the comfort of his living room couch, relishing a well-deserved respite with family.

"I have been away in Chicago for a while, so I will be at home watching TV," he said.

"Oh, and I won't TiVo through the commercials," he added with a laugh.

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