"Disney never talked to me after that," Foray said. Eventually, all would be forgiven and Foray has done voices for the "DuckTales" animated series and the Disney feature "Mulan."

And while the actors have long careers on TV, there's been a steady encroachment on the big screen from bigger names voicing the characters.

"Suddenly, there’s this whole country you're not allowed to go into," says Billy West, whose four-decade career has most recently seen him voicing the ever-youthful Fry on "Futurama." "We get hired for alchemy – coming up with characters, creating gold. The celebs come in and leave and it’s still lead."

But what the voice actors lack in big-screen clout, they make up for in enthusiasm and volume, volume, volume.

“It’s fun to work,” Foray says. “Thank goodness. I don’t have to work.”

And what keeps her going after all these years?

"Making money," she says, with a laugh.


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