'Dancing With the Stars All-Stars'

Drew and Anna shake what their respective mothers gave them on "Dancing With the Stars All-Stars." (ABC / October 3, 2012)

We start right off with the encore -- Sabrina and Louis' quickstep.

To all of you who thought the "caught unaware backstage" opening was real last night -- they do it again, so, no. They go for the dramatic drop at the end again and Louis looks like he's going to drop her, again.

Bruno yelled at Joey during his routine, "Keep your frame!" Drew's little girl clapped and laughed after her routine and is just adorable. They show Helio and Apolo reacting to Emmitt's comments about the "race car driver and the speed skater."

Sabrina & Louis: safe.

Emmitt & Cheryl: safe.

Drew & Anna: safe.

Joey & Kym: in jeopardy.

Ooh, next week is going to be a double elimination. Backstage, Bristol is wearing some glasses that are not flattering on her -- they look like they belong to that woman at your doctor's office that's still wearing the Kate Gosselin spiky hair.

And now "British teen sensation" Cher Lloyd "sings." Google tells me she was a fourth place finisher on the UK "X Factor" and was signed by Simon Cowell to a record deal. She's not my cuppa.

Then we get a montage that amounts to, "The pros are choreographing harder routines for the stars in order to be competitive during this All-Star season." There, that didn't take so long, did it?

Here's our first Macy's Stars of Dance performing a "futuristic Battle Royale" (AKA we didn't get the rights to say "Hunger Games.") 

I always hope I'll spot someone from "So You Think You Can Dance" in these routines, but I'm terrible at recognizing dancers in motion. If you spot someone, do leave it in the comments.

The DWTS Troupe now does a medley of songs/routines from past seasons -- let's see what we can pick out -- "Livin' La Vida Loca" (Kendra/Louis), "Sweet Dreams" (Derek/Ricki Lake), "Hey Puchaco" (Helio & Julianne). Except I'm pretty sure the originals didn't have this many lifts. Carrie Ann's head would've exploded.

Oh, and did you spot Benjy and Lacey Schwimmer? And Anya from SYTYCD? And the whole thing was choreographed by SYTYCD choreographer Jason Gilkinson!

Bruno cracks me up by pointing at the dance floor during Bristol's routine and simply saying, "Mess."  It's like when I get really, really angry and I just stamp my foot and yell, "HATE." Sometimes one word is all you can manage and all you need.

Maks and Tony react to Carrie Ann's "Slam back" comment backstage -- apparently that was a big deal for Carrie Ann to say. In her backstage interview, Bristol does a lot of things that anger me: defeatist attitude ("I guess I'm always going to get 6s,") immature dismissal, ("Whatever,") non-blame accepting platitude, ("It is what it is,") and phoniness, ("It's all good).

If only she'd thrown in a "Haters gotta hate," I could have had BINGO on my card at home.

Aw, Gilles is consoling to Kelly after the show in the parking lot. That's sweet.

More results:

Shawn & Derek: safe