Conveyor brings sushi dishes to you

If you love sushi but hate waiting for it, Sushi + might be your idea of heaven.

The 12-week-old restaurant, inside the Westfield Fox Valley shopping center in Aurora, specializes in kaiten-zushi, wherein color-coded plates (the color corresponds to the price) parade past diners on a refrigerated conveyor belt. When you see something appealing (little signs tell you what's what), lift the lid and grab it.

Call it sushi-go-round or maki-on-the-move; you can't beat it for speed and efficiency.

There is a certain usual-suspects aspect to the offerings — Godzilla rolls, salmon, tuna and hamachi chug by with regularity — but you'll also spot spicy squid salad, fluke and raw whelk (sea snail) on the belt. And I'm fond of the "spicy creamy tako crunch," a maki roll with octopus, masago (fish roe) and spicy sesame mayo.

Dishes range from $1.50 to $6.50. Pretty reasonable, but if you have issues with, um, impulse control, you can run up a pretty decent bill. There's also waiter service and a full menu of nigiri, maki rolls, hot dishes and even something called "sushi pizza," so you can mix read-to-eat and cooked-to-order items.

If Aurora isn't convenient, you might try Sushi Station, which has locations in Rolling Meadows (1641 W. Algonquin Road, 847-593-2450) and Elgin (2486 N. Randall Road, 847-783-0040).

4430 Fox Valley Center Drive, Aurora, 630-820-1666

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