Sorry Charlie: Weis still a loser, on and off the field

Charlie Weis’ football team stinks at Kansas the way it did at Notre Dame.

This makes a lot of us happy. Elated. Thrilled. Party at Rosenbloom’s -- woo!

But Weis' present failure is not a surprise to anyone who has followed the arrogant, loathsome gasbag. He makes his old teams better by leaving and makes his new teams worse by staying. See the Fighting Irish and Florida for details.

Naturally, Weis’ Jayhawks are an embarrassment this season. They have gone 1-4, lost four in a row and just got strafed 56-16 by rival Kansas State. So, what is a former professional offensive coordinator and college head coach supposed to do?

Why, pick on the student newspaper, of course.

Weis tweeted, “Team slammed by our own school newspaper. Amazing!  No problem with opponents paper or local media. You deserve what you get! But, not home!’’

The Daily Kansan appropriately responded that “students deserve better than a pom-pom squad for a newspaper.’’

But wait. There’s more. Weis reportedly directed a school public relations official to discourage one of the student beat writers from asking questions at Weis’ weekly news conference.

But wait. There’s still more. The school newspaper now says one of its writers was warned ahead of this week’s news conference of “possible negative reactions to last Thursday’s Kansan cover art and story’’ and that “negative attitudes could be directed to him.’’

So now, it’s not just that Weis is trying to bully students, but he’s using minions to carry out his bullying manifesto. How can someone so fat act so gutless?

I’ll hang up and listen for the blowhard’s hummena-hummena-hummena.

Good for the student newspaper. It’s about truth in reporting stories and honesty in writing columns. Most readers know fertilizer when coaches and other suits are shoveling it. Well, maybe not most, but a lot of readers do. Either way, the point is that the Daily Kansan’s readers, like ours at the Tribune, are not a vapid bunch of brainwashed football players and certainly not a mewling band of intimidated school wonks. Coaches and suits can say what they want, but you don’t have to write it, believe it and repeat it as gospel.

Much to Weis’ chagrin, perhaps, the students at the Daily Kansan are getting a terrific education from this stooge. This is how big-boy sports works. Emperor coaches such as Nick Saban, and even fake emperor coaches such as Weis, cannot handle accurate reporting and unflinching opinions. They will try to intimidate everyone into acting like a house organ. The Sabans and Weises and Krzyzewskis of the world think they own everything, including your mind. Like they teach in poli sci classes on campus: Power corrupts, and absolute power embarrasses universities.

Write what you believe, kids, and let the emperor coaches and fake emperor coaches such as Weis come off like crybabies.

Or worse. Because now the obese guy with the skinny win total has managed to duplicate his South Bend magic: acting as detestable off the field as he coaches on it.

Listen up, Chuck: You want the student newspaper to write something good? Try winning something.

Although if past is prologue, that will come after you leave.

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