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LeBron James adds Chicago artist's painting to his collection

First Jay-Z became the proud owner of a painting by Chicago artist Hebru Brantley -- now LeBron James.

The painting was given to James by Miami Heat player-turned-assistant coach Juwan Howard as a gift for winning the NBA Finals last season. Howard purchased a total of 14 paintings, all different, for players on the championship team. The paintings were delivered to the team Wednesday while Brantley was in Miami for Art Basel.

"Special thanks to my Big bro Juwan Howard aka 17 on this personalized @hebrubrantley piece,” James wrote on Instagram Thursday. "...Really appreciate the both of u for this."

It’s unclear how much Howard paid for each painting, but the piece Jay-Z purchased from Brantley at Art Basel last year reportedly cost Hova $20,000.

“Big thank you to @kingjames and the Miami (Heat) for adding Hebru Brantley work into their personal collections,” Brantley wrote on Instagram Wednesday. “Today was historic.” | Twitter @TribLuis

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