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Hannibal Buress recalls time he bombed at Chance the Rapper show at Riviera

Watching a comedian bomb on stage is uncomfortable. Watching a comedian talk about bombing on stage? Surprisingly enjoyable.

“The Tonight Show” has a feature called “Worst I Ever Bombed” in which guests appearing on the show share their biggest on stage failures. Chicago comedian Hannibal Buress took part in the feature last month when he was on the show.

“Recently in Chicago, it was the Riviera (Theatre), sometimes I do shows with Chance the Rapper, a rapper from Chicago,” Buress told "The Tonight Show." "This particular show, the DJ was playing a lot of lively music, getting the crowd hyped, and they were packed together, so they weren’t in the mood for comedy. I kind of knew that going up.

“So I started doing some jokes. People sort of listening. Then people just started chanting at me ‘KEV-IN HART! KEV-IN HART!’ Actually not that many people chanted it. It was just one person. But it stuck with me. When one person is chanting another comedian name at you, then it just seems like way more people. So that wasn’t a fun show.”

Buress’s standup special “Hannibal Buress: Live from Chicago” – which he filmed at The Vic – will air on Comedy Central March 29. | Twitter @TribLuis

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