There's no crying in football

So, let me get this right: The Bears are supposed to follow a guy reduced to tears?

The Bears, I’m talking. The Chicago Bears. You remember them: They used to be tough.

Now, after yet another loss to a better team and a better organization, they are the “Mewlers of the Midway.’’

Brandon Marshall is, anyway, and it’s embarrassing.

The Bears had just lost their sixth straight game to NFC North rival Green Bay. This time, they had lost at home, and that loss gave the dreaded Packers the NFC North title. That, of course, is bad enough.

But wait. There’s more. The Bears had lost for the fifth times in six games overall this season, falling from 7-1 and the second seed in the playoffs to out right now. Welcome to “Lovie Smith’s Jugger-Not.’’

Apparently, it was enough to make you cry. Make Marshall cry, anyway.

The Bears’ phenomenal wide receiver took to the podium Sunday afternoon, and started much better than his team did.

“Everybody involved in this offense should be held accountable, even if that means jobs,’’ said Marshall, who continued to say that the offense has been a mess all season and then brought up accountability again.

“It’s the same every single game,’’ Marshall said through noticeable tear-induced sniffling. “We need to be held accountable. What I have to do is try my best to keep it together and not let this affect me because it’s starting to affect me more than it should.’’

Marshall left the podium just like that and just as the waterworks were about to hit Mach I, it seemed.

He is being lauded today as some kind of strong voice and team leader. Seriously, people?

If the answer is breaking down in public, or even giving that impression, then the question must be this:

How do we know that the once-proud team formerly known as the Bears has completely gone to pieces, perhaps irretrievably?

Marshall’s words were right. As far as they went.

Marshall’s point was solid. As vague as he was.

But here’s the deal: Don’t start talking about costing people their jobs unless you’re going to name names.

You want Mike Tice out as offensive coordinator? Then say it.

That seems to be the obvious job that Marshall would change, and even if it isn’t, tough noogies. Marshall opened up the speculation by closing his press conference before he became a complete waterfall up there.

Does Marshall want Matt Forte out, too? I do. Marshall wouldn’t sniffle out any names, so I will again. Forte has to be the absolute worst running back on short yardage. What a waste of $20 million or whatever it is he’s guaranteed to earn. If it was $20, it would be a ripoff.

How about Devin Hester? He never should’ve had the job of a wide receiver. Smith should be fired for that laughably ongoing decision alone.

Smith should be fired for a lot of decisions and some bad coaching that has the Bears involved in their second consecutive December death spiral out of the playoffs, not to mention six straight losses to the Packers.

No, wait, let’s mention it: six straight losses to the Packers.

The great thing about the Marshall plan is that it almost doesn’t matter who loses a job because the next guy can’t possibly be such a big dropoff, and that includes Jay Cutler against the Packers. Marshall’s buddy should never, ever play against the Packers again. Cutler kills the Bears everytime they face the Packers. Next year, tell him the games are in Los Angeles and London.

There is one exception to Marshall’s demand for accountability “even if it means jobs’’: Marshall himself. He’s having a Pro Bowl season.

Unfortunately for the Bears, he’s now All-Kleenex.

And now the Bears are supposed to follow his lead? THAT lead?

Honestly, people, when did we start applauding a playoff push that is a trail of tears?

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