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The food truck revolution hit Chicago in 2012. And with it, notions of greasy grub on wheels gave way to some serious gourmet cuisine. Here’s a look at five of Chicago’s best food trucks. Be sure to check websites, Facebook and Twitter to see where you’ll find them next.

Jack’s Fork in the Road

(708) 305-5796


After years operating brick-and-mortar restaurants, Chef Jack Jones hit the road to bring handcrafted sandwiches to the masses. His menu includes roast pork loin with fig jam, crispy prosciutto and apple slaw, and an anything-but-typical grilled cheese with smoked tomatoes and arugula.

Follow that truck: Stops include the University of Chicago’s Hyde Park campus and the NBC Tower.  

The Tamale Spaceship

(312) 909-7009


You’ve gotta love a food truck staffed by men in Lucha Libre masks. This one also has fab tamales, from the traditional Picturesque (Yucatecan-style roasted pork with tomato-habanero salsa and purple pickled onions) to the unexpected Seasonal de Pato (Confit-style Peking duck with plum mole and dry cranberries).

Follow that truck: Keeps a consistent Loop-based schedule five days a week.

Beavers Coffee + Donuts

(773) 392-1300


The delish mini donuts on this truck come in the classic cinnamon sugar,

powdered sugar or chocolate powder and also in gourmet-topped varieties such as the Loco Coco (chocolate sauce and coconut) and Grandma (honey and graham cracker crumbs). Coffee runs $2, a lot less than at those ubiquitous coffee chains.

Follow that truck: Madison & Wacker most Tuesdays and Thursdays.