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Four hours in ... Lakeview

Lakeview is one of those neighborhoods that’s both beautiful and weird in all the right ways. Quirky shops meet tranquil harbor views and upscale boutiques share street space with quirky Chicago institutions. Here are some of our favorite ways to while away the hours.

Bookman’s Corner

2959 N. Clark St. (773)


Probably the most unassuming of Lakeview’s many unusual shops is Bookman’s Corner. From the outside, it looks like a hoarder took over the bookshop immediately after a tornado swept through; on the inside, it looks pretty much the same way. If you look past the disorder you’ll discover rare and hard-to-find treasures. It’s a great place to browse. But if you’re looking for something specific, ask the owner who knows just about every volume of his 35,000-book collection.



2951 N. Broadway St.

(773) 880-7372

From Bookman’s, head over to Bobtail for some to-die-for homemade ice cream. Check the specials board for limited-time offerings like the new summer peach flavor or the black cherry float. Head north on Broadway for boutiques, like Foursided (2939 N. Broadway) or its sister store Twosided (2958 N. Clark St.) for prints, books, candles and cards — including truly one-of-a-kind finds like Ron Swanson-inspired wall art.


Hollywood Mirror

812 W. Belmont St.

(773) 404-2044

If vintage is your style, Hollywood Mirror is a cacophony of vintage clothing, housewares, costumes and a creepy assortment of used dolls. Next door, Ragstock offers a similarly large assortment of new clothing, but the real gem in this store is the vintage clothing section where you can easily find designer items for under $20.


Reckless Records

3126 N. Broadway

(773) 404-5080

Reckless Records is a can’t-miss for music lovers. For 26 years, the record store has been buying and selling used and new CDs, DVDs, games and boatloads of vinyl from just about every genre.


Dinkel’s  Bakery

3329 N. Lincoln Ave.

(773) 281-7300

In West Lakeview, swing by Dinkel’s Bakery for a sweet treat — the sour cream old fashioned doughnut is one of Chicago’s best pastries. Or order off their cafe menu for an amazingly fresh lunch. Cafe hours: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. After lunch, head north for more boutique shopping at the trendy yet affordable Mint Julep (3432 N. Southport) or the painfully cute BabyDolls Boutique (3727 N. Southport).


— By Lisa Schryver, Brand Publishing Writer

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