7 quick weekend trips near Chicago

Don't waste another three-day weekend on your couch surrounded by Two Buck Chuck empties and takeout cartons (not that we're judging or anything). Instead, hit the road on a quick day or weekend trip to one of seven nearby destinations handpicked by our staff.

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  • Worst new movies

    Worst new movies

    The recent awfulness we've seen, like 'No Escape,' 'Zipper,' 'Mistress America,' zero-star 'Fantastic Four,' 'Vacation,' 'Pixels,' 'The Gallows,' 'Terminator Genisys,' 'Entourage,' 'Aloft,' 'Aloha,' 'Pitch Perfect 2,' 'Hot Pursuit,' 'The D Train,' 'The Squeeze,' 'The Longest Ride,' 'Get Hard,'...

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  • Lily Tomlin and Sam Elliott light up 'Grandma'

    Lily Tomlin and Sam Elliott light up 'Grandma'

    Many years ago, when I was old enough to know I cared about movies but too young to actually know anything, it used to drive me crazy when people earned an Oscar nomination (or victory) after being onscreen for five minutes. They couldn’t possibly deserve it when the competition actually has, you...

  • Weekend: Eat. Drink. Do.

    Weekend: Eat. Drink. Do.

    Tastings at Eataly, a Sunday barbecue, happy hour specials and more weekend things to do in Chicago, Aug. 28-30.

  • 'Zipper' is pretty painful

    'Zipper' is pretty painful

    Patrick Wilson has made some really good movies (“Hard Candy,” “Little Children”) about guys who can’t keep it in their pants. And then there’s “Zipper,” a pathetic excuse for a political thriller that’s pretty much embarrassing for everyone involved.

  • Chicago festivals this weekend: Aug. 28-30

    Chicago festivals this weekend: Aug. 28-30

    Chicago Hot Sauce Fest, Food and Wine Festival and more

  • The 'Sandwich King' is coming to town

    The 'Sandwich King' is coming to town

    Bow down, Bucktown. Food Network star Jeff "Sandwich King" Mauro is setting his sights on Chicago. Later this year, he'll open Pork & Mindy's in the former Red Hen Bread space at 1623 N. Milwaukee Ave. The menu will include a chicken and waffle sandwich, pulled chicken and pork, an extra-crispy...